/Welcome to CRRM2017

Welcome to CRRM2017

On behalf of the entire the international conference Innovations in Cancer Research and Regenerative Medicine 2017 (CRRM2017) Organizing Committee, we would like to extend to you a warm welcome to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam to join the 3rd international conference of CRRM.

The international conference Innovations in Cancer Research and Regenerative Medicine (10-13th Sept, 2017)

We are very glad to announce that this time, CRRM has made some exciting changes with more plenary sessions, more sessions, more oral invited speakers and especially a day of pre-conference. With two main topics of cancer research and regenerative medicine, this conference has many sessions organized into some parallel sessions with different topics of cancer research and regenerative medicine. By doing so, the audience can arrange their time for networking and speaking to our commercial partners.

From the basic science to clinical trials, all sessions at the conference will cover from gene to human body. Therefore, we believe that every session will provide exciting presentations for attendees at all levels from students to scientists/researchers. With this conference, all authors not only share their latest results, but also can publish their works in the reputed journals. That is a reason why the keywords for this conference is Share & Publish.

Like many developing countries, Vietnam has no shortage of health challenges, from infectious diseases such as annual flu epidemics to rising rates of unmet and chronic illnesses such as cancers and diabetes. Vietnam also has to contend with increasing drug resistance for killer diseases including AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. There is, however, increasing evidence that Vietnamese researchers are tackling the challenges of harnessing biotechnology to improve health care for healthier society as well as advancing the sciences. The biomedicine progresses in Cancer Research, and Regenerative Medicine in Vietnam include gene diagnostics for genetic disorders of human diseases, infectious pathogens; in-vitro production of therapeutic proteins including insulin, IFNs or biosimilar forms of monoclonal antibodies for targeted therapies; biomaterials; cell therapy; stem cell therapy and tissue engineering.

In this conference, with 14 sessions of 100 oral presentations and 100 poster presentations, all latest topics of cancer research and regenerative medicine will be covered. New biomarkers of cancers, immunotherapy strategy for cancers and stem cells as well as tissue engineering are hot topics of CRRM2017. In addition to the conference program, there is an extensive set of pre-conference and lunch-on innovation showcases for on 10th and 11th Sept, respectively.

We are very grateful for the support from sponsors for the CRRM2017. More vents will be taking place in the exhibition area, and we encourage attendees to take advantage of the opportunities to visit the exhibit booths and corporate symposia.

We wish to thank everyone who helped so enthusiastically in the organization of the conference. Our thanks also go out to all of the speakers who have generously agreed to share their research results and experiences at this conference.

We hope that you will enjoy this meeting and have a wonderful time here in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Thuoc Linh Tran – University of Science, VNUHCM, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Fuyu Tamanoi – University of California, Los Angles, USA

Mong-Hong Lee – MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, Houston, USA

Phuc Van Pham – University of Science, VNUHCM, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam