/Animal Research Registry: Online registration is now opened

Animal Research Registry: Online registration is now opened

Welcome to Animal Research Registry

Animal Research Registry (ARR)  is an online registry for scientific studies involving animals conducted around the world. ARR also provides the service of ethical review and approval for the use of animals in research.

ARR is operated by Biomedpress

The registry was launched as a reaction to the reproducibility crisis and provides scientists a platform to register an exact study plan prior to the start of experiments in order to prevent selective reporting. This allows reviewers or other scientists to compare the initially registered contents with the final publication. Thereby, the Animal Research Registry encourages transparency, reproducibility, and animal welfare.

Preferably registered at inception in order to increase transparency, help avoid duplication, and reduce the risk of reporting bias by enabling comparison of the completed study with what was planned in the protocol.

Aims and Objectives

ARR aims to provide a comprehensive overview of all animal studies, including those that might otherwise remain unpublished. By (prospective) registration of animal studies we aim to:

  • Increase transparency
  • Avoid unnecessary duplication of animal studies
  • Reduce reporting bias, such as publication bias and bias induced by selective outcome reporting,  p-hacking and HARKing
  • Increase data sharing, by
    • allowing fellow researchers and reviewers to access information on the study design, which is often lacking in publications
    • provide a platform to share details and data of otherwise unpublished animal studies
  • Create opportunities for collaborative research

The official website of Animal Research Registry:  http://animalresearchregistry.org/

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